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Add-in cannot save Word 2010 document with tables


I have a Word 2010 (all Word and Windows updates applied) document that contains a few tables. Nothing very complex, or nested. Just plain tables styled from the gallery. On attempting to save document as MediaWiki, a "Word experienced an error error trying to open the file" error appears and the MediaWiki document is not created. On deleting all tables from the document, I can save as MediaWiki with no error. Strangely, one of the three tables in the document is able to be saved. I tested further by pasting the content of one of the tables that causes the error into the table that does not cause an error. In this case, the document also saved OK. The issue does not appear to be due to the number, complexity or content of the tables. A complete mystery, but one which will prevent my continuing use of this add-in.


ejschoen wrote Sep 7, 2012 at 12:11 AM

I've seen something like this, too, but not with tables. If my document has footnotes or cross-references to a bibliography section, I see the same error.

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